KAP Group puts all efforts into “GREEN FACTORY” plan.

  Taishan KamKiu Aluminum Extruison Plant has been the first to use heavy oil instead of coal as the main fuel in the 1990s.

Today, KAP has also introduced natural gas to replace heavy oil. As the main fuel for alloy casting, aluminum rod heating and other processes. Natural gas as a clean fuel, compared with most other fossil fuels, can greatly reduce the emission levels of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, respirable suspended particles and carbon dioxide during combustion. To reduce emissions during the production process. 

  In order to effectively reduce the potential impact of our production process on air quality, KAP is also equipped with air treatment devices to ensure that harmful emissions are properly handled, hoping to make our air cleaner and cleaner. 

  KAP has established a sewage treatment system at its own expense to treat the sewage in the production process to separate solid pollutants in the water and reduce the content of pollutants in industrial wastewater. After the water quality is purified, it will reach the water quality requirements before it is discharged into river (October 2014)


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