KAP Group donated RMB 1.2 million to help prevent and control the COVID-19.

The pneumonia epidemic infected by the COVID-19 has affected the people of Jiangmen. In difficult times, enterprises need to take the initiative to assume social responsibility!

On January 31, Taishan Kam Kiu Aluminum Extrusion Plant Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KAP") announced a donation of 1.2 million yuan to help prevent and control the COVID-19. All donated funds were remitted before 4:35 pm on January 30.

Among the donated funds, donated RMB 1 million to the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province, mainly used in Wuhan City and other epidemic-stricken areas in Hubei Province to purchase medical, medical, living and other materials that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control; donated to Taishan City Charity RMB 200,000 will be used for local epidemic prevention and control.

"We hope to contribute our strength in the epidemic situation!" said Mr. Rong Guofu, the operating president of Taishan Kam Kiu Aluminum Extrusion Plant Co., Ltd., this donation is a social responsibility that enterprises should fulfill, and this epidemic situation has affected the hearts of the people of the country. It also directly affects the normal life of the people, so the company does its best to do what it can, hoping that the epidemic can be resolved as soon as possible.

(February 2020)


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